About Us

We’re Back! (almost, still working on it!)

After a short interruption of our service, we are back on the air and our new programming features Prabhat Samgiita, the songs of P.R. Sarkar as well as other inspiring music. Give it a listen!

Spiritual Music: Streaming Online 24/7

RAWA Radio feature’s music that will inspire you spiritually and socially. Listen to our selection of music covering a variety of genres: folk, new age, world, instrumental and vocal. The music is brought to you by the Renaissance Artists and Writers Association (RAWA), an organization working to elevate social and spiritual consciousness.

RAWA Radio was started in 2001 and was streamed continuously on Live365.com until the end of 2015, after which we used a series of different radio host providers.  We now have one consolidated stream which you can listen to on the web player, the RAWA Radio app, and with your device’s web players.

Our current song rotation is a mix from these categories: World music, New Age ambient music, solo piano music, mantra chanting (kirtan or kiirtan), Prabhat Samgiit (the predominantly Bengali language songs written by RAWA’s founder P.R. Sarkar), and songs written and performed by members of the Renaissance Artists and Writers Association.

In the future we will be adding talk shows (podcasts), children’s music and much more.

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