Frigg: A Scandinavian Fiddle Troupe



Frigg is five Scandinavian fiddlers (four Finnish and one Norwegian) plus backing musicians, who are arguably the best traveling fiddle troupe in the world today. From the shores of North America to the ancient lands of India and Borneo they have performed literally everywhere.

With their album, “Grannen,” they have branched out beyond their Scandinavian roots to incorporate Celtic, Bluegrass and American Roots music into their sound. The album starts off with a bang as Frigg provide a lively interpretation of Swedish folk singer Ale Möller’s “Potatisvals.” “Rajrajraj” is a Hindu folk tale filtered through a modern Finnish musical lens. Those previously mentioned American Roots and Bluegrass elements come into play on the exquisite “Maple Cake Farm” where the interplay between the fiddle and mandolin is a thing of beauty.

On the track “Amurin Tiikeri” or “Siberian Tiger” the mandolin gives way to woodwinds and brass to create an upbeat whirlwind of danceable proportions. There’s no dour Scandinavians to be found here. Surprisingly, touches of jazz appear throughout “Grannen,” seasoning the album with splashes of vivid color.

“Grannen” is Frigg’s most diverse collection of tunes within their discography, and perhaps the most enjoyable.

~ Michael Lohr

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