Alexis Kochan with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

Alexis Kochan Czarivna CD coverAlexis Kochan with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

Paris To Kyiv

This album is a hidden jewel in the classical Renaissance/Medieval musical scene and would make a tasteful addition to your Medieval/Classical musical collection. Kochan performs these festival songs and dance tunes with precision and emotion. Czarivna was arranged and conducted by Arthur Polson and performed by members of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra to perfection. Songs such as “The Call for Spring”, “Kupala”, “Silver Geese” and the title track lend themselves to ceremonial dance. But take note, many of these songs are written and performed in variant minor key modalities, which to the untrained ear can be perceived as moody and abstruse, but this is the style of Ukrainian/Slavic folk music. Czarivna is a highly specialized record and not for everyone. But for those of you desiring something different, both Classical and Renaissance folk traditional, you will find Czarivna a sensuous musical adventure.
~ Michael Lohr

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