David Michael and Randy Mead: Courtship of the Moon

David Michael and Randy Mead
Courtship of the Moon
Purnima Productions

reviewed by  Michael Lohr

David Michael and Randy Mead CD cover

Idyllic world fusion music that combines Celtic, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean musical styles into a flawless performance. Michael and Mead use everything but the kitchen sink to achieve their sound including Celtic harp, flutes, esraj, tablas, Spanish guitar, sitar as well as other stringed and percussion instruments from India, Africa and greater Arabia. Guest musician Joe Euro’s passionate Spanish guitar playing adds an element of calenture to the music. This is acoustic music at its finest. Songs like “Procession of the Stars”, “Nordic Moonbeams”, “Caravanserai” as well as the title track will provide you with some of the best romantic, acoustic songs on record today.

Michael and Mead’s music rise above the white noise like a magi star.

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